I have read that ISIS uses drugs on victims and loyal soldiers, any ideas what they are?

Answer by Sanjeev Kumar:

I do agree. Why, otherwise, their victims don't seem to be a bit afraid of being ruthlessly butchered.

I've seen a video in which two potential victims were loosely chained together. And an IS member came to them with a running battery operated saw. But neither of the victim tried to move even an inch away. It's an inevitable human emotion to keep away from physical harm. Even if the victim knew for sure that this is just fake and he won't be cut by the saw (or he was willing to be cut because of some sins he thought he made), even then he can't stop moving away from the saw (try moving your hand fast across the eyes of your friend and tell him you would just move your hand and no harm will be done to him, even then he can't stop moving a bit away and closing his eyes out of fear). Yet, even the one whose neck started to be cut by the running saw didn't try to move away a bit, let alone the other person.

Same way, I happen to see another video of a recent happening in which a victim was shown in a cage drenched with some highly inflammable liquid. And then he was put to fire. Now the poor soul couldn't run anywhere, couldn't do anything but cry or bang himself with the cage walls. (as one quoran said that some victims are brainwashed that they deserve to die like this because of the sins they made, even then one can't burn without struggling or crying). But I clearly saw he was burnt to ashes without much/any cries or banging.

And, in another video that I saw, they made tens of victims sit (wasn't clear if they're loosely chained or not. But more chances are that they were totally free). And one IS person started from behind the first person and shot himself from behind into his
neck (or head), and then next and then next. Now when one person was shot, all the rest immediately knew what was coming behind them in the next few seconds. And even if instinctively, all of them had stood up and have started fighting with the IS soldiers standing behind them, at least some of them could have run away alive. Or, even trying to escape the bullets was as inevitable on their part as human death is. Yet no one even moved an inch and kept sitting at his place as if they were watching some support in front of them.

I cannot believe all this is possible without the victims being under some heavy drug influence.

And I  think there is this logic also. Since IS soldiers are also humans and have hearts. Yet, they want to be shown ruthless. So they started using some sort of drug for their soldiers (and victims), so that they don't feel any pain or emotions while blowing himself /dying. And same goes for their prisoners. Under the influence of drugs, their prisoners won't bother them much and get the brutal death as easily as if they didn't feel anything. Nor would they demand too much food or else.

And still their purpose of making anybody shiver, who is thinking of going against their (IS) wishes, is served. What do you think. Do let me know.

I have read that ISIS uses drugs on victims and loyal soldiers, any ideas what they are?

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