Who can benefit from BH groups

We offer many services which Bathindians might find useful and very very inexpensive..

  • General English Coaching. Be it for general/speaking purposes, Ielts, Toefl, competitions or some academic exams preparation. Or for convent schools. But you would have to prepare a group of 4 students yourself.
  • Computer Jobs: Designing, Typing, Translation jobs. Or want to learn Corel Draw, Photoshop, Ms Office designing. Come to us. We consider ourselves a master in these programs.
  • Flex Printing. Online/Digital Advertisement. We are the place.
  • If you think that your competitors have web presence, but you don’t. And you need to be there when somebody searches google for your kind of products. Then get yourself a decent website, from us.
  • If your computers/windows remain corrupted or infected. Or your lan/wan is giving you consistent headaches. Come to us. And for a long time, you won’t need to go to anybody else.
  • If mobile functions aren’t useful to you at all, since you are at a loss when you try to understand them. Or you want your contacts and photos etc to never go away how-so-many mobile you keep changing. Or you want to be safe in every aspect if you lose your mobile ever. Visit us once.
  • Accounts, Taxation, Tally, Busy. Whatever you want to get done. Or even you want to learn the latest versions of these, come to us.
  • You need some investment advice, want to avail loans, credit cards. Want to compare some insurance policies. Or what are the best savings options. Or want to register your firm. Avail Gst number. Want to get property transferred. We have contacts with some very efficient persons to do this job.
  • Want to get a passport issued. Or fill some online form. Make some payment or pay a bill when there are only a few hours left for last date. Electricity bill, children fees, mobile recharges, dish recharges. Contact us. For our permanent customers, even we pay from our own pocket and collect the same later on.
  • You need some mechanic (plumber, electrician, carpenter, halwai, wall painter, car mechanic and what not), instead of keeping tens of numbers in your mobile, get the same thru this site or contact us. We would send some trusted, honest mechanic to your home, who would not be a danger to your home, in any sense. We have a list of honest-to-their-work mechanics in almost every field.
  • If you’ve any problem with any government or private company, if your sim is lost and police aren’t registering report, if your mobile bill is inflated and company isn’t listening, if your neighbor has encroached and constructed an illegal structure in your vicinity and MC isn’t listening. Come to us. We’ll get the same sorted to your satisfaction.
  • You want to buy some gadget and don’t know which company to choose. And which model out of hundreds out there. Talk to us and you’ll be happy later that you did listen to us.
  • Astrology, Numerology, Palm Reading, we have some best experts in our circle. Who won’t loot you in the name of solving your problems.




If you’ve any comments, questions or feedback regarding anything said above, just leave your comments here below and we’ll try our best to be in your touch. Thanks!