Yes, we have got an app too

  • Since, we have heard, that whatever you want to give to people, you do need an android app. And, well, so do we. We have build an android app which contains the numbers of the following professionals, in/of Bathinda. As far as possible, we have included the numbers of only honest professionals. Who don’t procrastinate, charge reasonably and honour Bathinda Helper’s policies.
  • Our philosophy being, why not join/connect the honest service providers, dealers and professionals of Bathinda to those who seek their services. For this, we designed an android app named the same, as we are, Bathinda Helper.
  • In it, we are providing the contact numbers of all types of mechanics dealers and professionals who are doing their work honestly and reasonable rates. If you find any problem with any of them, pls let us know we’ll strike their name for good. And if you happen to have any other honest service provider in this area which we have failed to note, let us know that gentleman, we need them in Bathinda!!

The app has the listings/number for…

  • In this app, you’ll find the following and other similar guidance related info.

E.g. Plumber, Electrician, Mason, Carpenter, Gardner, Drivers, Child Tuitions., Confectionery (Sweets Maker- Halwayi), Wall & Home Painters., Taxi Services., Vacation & Tours Planning., Security Guards. , Key & Lock Mechanic. , Automobile Service., Ink Refilling, Kitchen Gadgets: Mixer, Chimney, Ro, Gas Stoves etc., Pamphlet Delivery boys., Music & Dance Teachers., Aerobics, Martial Arts (Karate) and Yoga Trainers., Complete Financial Planning & Investment Consultation. Loans & Credit Cards., Taxes (Vat & IT). Firm & Companies Registration., Trains & Aeroplanes Information., All types of Recharges and Bills Payment., Computer Engineer: Os (Windows) maintainance. Virus & Malware Removal., Disk and Data Recovery. Network Maintainance and Administration., Ac Fridges Repair., Property (To-let) Consultation and Candidate Placement.


You can download this app through Google, of from Google Play Store. For Apple phones or on Windows phones, you can go directly here .