'Bobby Cycles' (The Cycle Shop) is now 'Verified' on Google.

20 March, 2024: बिलकुल फ्री साइकिल घर ले जाने के लिए ये टॉपिक देखें:

The Cycle Shop Bathinda is now not only voted by most number of Bathindians, and also not only ranked highest by/at Google, but the same is also now verified.


गूगल पर हमारी द साइकिल शॉप अब न केवल highest ranked है, बट अब यह ‘वेरफाइड’ भी कर दी गई है, गूगल द्वारा।
Timing and Full Address:
Bobby Cycles (Shop/Store)
Shop No 10, Paper/Lottery Market,
Peepul Wala Mandir to Patta Market Road,
Amrik Singh Road, Bathinda
Website: BobbyCycles.in
Open: 10 to 8 all days

बॉबी साइकिल शॉप, बठिंडा में हमारे पास बच्चों/बड़ों के लिए रेंजर/क्लासिक टाइप के सिंगल या मल्टी स्पीड (गेयरेड) सब तरह के साइकिल मिल जाएंगे।
Arko, Tata, Releigh, Hero, Jackm, SK Gang, Leader, Life, Vector91, और भी कई ब्रांड मिल जाएंगे।

हमारे पास सभी तरह के साइकिलस की रिपेर का भी इंतजाम है।

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Bobby Cycle Shop, Lottery (Paper/Patta) Market, Amrik Singh Road-Railway Road, Bathinda:

Hero, Kross, Magma, Raleigh, Schoal, Jackm, SK Gang Bi-Cycles
Single Speed. Multi Speed/Geared Cycles
Repair & Washing of all types of cycles
M/Cycle/Scooter Punctures service available for 2 wheelers, autos also.

The Cycle Shop
Shop No. 10,
Paper & Print Market,
Behind Uco Bank (Before Patta Market),
Amrik Singh Road,
M/WA/Telegram: 94 7878 4000
Location on GMaps: g.page/HelpInBathinda


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Mag wheel being drive by happy child in his village:

Girl drives her cycle happily in her street:

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