Here is a fresh idea from Bathinda for Crona

Here is a fresh idea from Bathinda, using something as modest and readily available as microfiber cloths to fight novel Coronavirus! An idea conceived while making my earlier video on van der Waal’s forces.

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डॉक्टर साहब, in comparison to your other videos, this video is highly scientific in the beginning (I couldn’t go more than first 2 minutes ha ha).

Pls consider this as my feedback.

I’d recomment, as a feedback, try to make your videos a bit more for simpler audience.

Or in the beginning of the video, put up a banner for the type of audience, you’ve made that video for.

This way, people would know in the beginning itself, what to expect. And if they later couldn’t understand your video, they won’t blame your channel and won’t reduce the interest in you, thinking that you’d warned them in the beginning.

Hope I was able to convey what I mean.