Adobe Premiere Pro: Cut a clip's (selected) area without leaving any gaps

How to cut (not Ripple Delete) a clip without leaving any gap on APP’s timeline?

Everybody knows that you can Ripple Delete any clip (or your clip’s selected area) on your video timeline. But can you find any way to Ripple cut a clip or Cut any part of a single or multiple clips without leaving any gap?

Yes, its very easy. Just mark ‘In’ and ‘Out’ points on your timeline on a single or multiple clips (I’ve not tried marking different/non-contiguous in-out points yet) and ' (i.e. Single quote mark, which is present to the right of semi-colon or left of enter key on most keyboards).

This way your marked clip area has been cut to (not windows but) Premier Pro’s own clipboard, which can be pasted, even multiple times, anywhere on your timeline.

A video editing timeline showing audio and video tracks with effects applied and the playhead positioned at the 35-second mark. (Captioned by AI)
In the image above, I’ve shown 2 selections, first selection is marked by/as in-out points and 2nd selection is whole clip selected. Here if you would command ‘Extract’ by the single quote key ' only first selection will get cut to APP’s clipboard.