Bathinda block down ( please stay at home)

Although we’ve a lots of options of entertainment sources available at home these days (ECE gadgets, smart phones, Netflix,Amazon prime, TV,books) ,It’s very difficult to stay at home as we don’t have habit to stuck at one thing and at one place all the time 24X7.
But looking at the depth of the seriousness of the issue, it’s very important to stay at home for some days .

We are seeing in news channels , Some people are just wandering in markets to chill out and to see the closed shops and market. Senior citizens are feeling Very irritated after being caged in home.
“To win something,have to lose something”.

But by staying at home we can win a lot after losing very less.
So…it’s my humble request to all the Bathinda natives to stay at home and fight together against this covid-19 virus.


Abhishek Grover

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