Burning PARALI

Where are the intellectual persons of Punjab like


Do they work for only one profession ( farming)

Agreed , farmers are in majority in Punjab. But it doesn’t mean to play with the health of others in the region. Why these leaders are not expressing their views on PARALI now?
Do they afraid of the confront of farmers???
What about social issues now??
Is it not a social question??
If industries are polluting the atmosphere then what the burning PARALI is doing? Is this burning PARALI is very good for the atmosphere??
Is this burning PARALI working as a air purifier now??
Why these types of leaders are mute now?
Why Mr. BAINS is not making videos now?
Why Mr. Lakha is not going live on Facebook with burning PARALI these days?

Is it not a social issue??
We all say … farmers are “Ann data” ( food provider)… Agreed…
But before “anndata”… They are businessman… Just like other businesses… They are doing the business of farming… Just like other businessman , they are also ruining the atmosphere just to save a little amount by burning these PARALIS…
Yaar agar farmers anndata hein to sabhi Kisi na Kisi cheez ke data hein… Electricians are bijlidata… Unke Bina ye Kiya Kar lenge… …
Plumber is " paanidata"…
Mochi( shoemaker) is a “chappaldata”…

Anndata: ye Kiya logic hua???

.जिसका का उसी को साजे।।। सभी किसी ना किसी चीज के दाता ही तो हैं।।। अन्नदाता हैं तो क्या किया जाए? अन्नदाता हैं तो वो प्रदूषण करेगा?

All depends on each others…

Punjab is the only state where big farmers are enjoying , increasing there lifestyle by having loans from the govt., Having free electricity, having subsidies in a lot of things…

The one who is sufferings is( a common small city people)… We are so educated that we can not open a street vending shop as well as we cannot afford to open a luxurious showroom… We , the middle class people, can’t do anything…

I am not against all farmers।।। But I am against the one sided policies of the govt & other political leaders।।। They should think equaly for the every occupation people।

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Very well piece written indeed. Very well. No doubt about it.

But its ignoring a big aspect of the debate. When the something wrong is being done by a big chunk of population (I.e. farmers), the biggest onus comes onto the government. Its on the government to take initiative first. Its not (only) for social workers to come forward and bear the brunt of all the farmers in single go.

Yes, if government took the initiative then others can join, should join.

But if government thinks that it’ll keep its position and vote bank safe and its normal people who will start a war with farmers, and thus it’ll become two groups of people fighting with each other and government will then come and play the role of an arbitrator to look good and reap the benefits. Then it’s, well nothing else, but pure, dirty, politics.