FF Addon Group Speed Dial Ctrl+Number keys stopped working on my Firefox browser

With the above settings, they now work.

When they didn’t work, this was the setting:

Full answer:

I did a few things, but I think my problem was that I had changed this setting the ‘Ctrl’, and thus ‘Ctrl’ key got reserved (see SS attached).

Also, I was trying to open diff speeddials thru KB shortcuts while sitting in the speed dial tab itself (earlier they did work this way also). But later I found (after changing the above said ‘Ctrl’ key setting to ‘Shift’ or to ‘Alt’) that even though my Speed Dial KB S Keys didn’t work from this tab, they worked (or started to work now) from all other tabs.

Alas! It (the addons shortcut keys) again stopped working (it had stopped working, and then started working ok nearly a month ago too).

Now I even uninstalled both addons: Group Speed Dial (latest v25) and Ctrl + Number for Group Speed Dial.

My settings (lest they are somehow the culprit) are as below:

And from Ctrl+Number:

This problem has surfaced just recently, perhaps after I upgraded/updated the extension(s) to V25.0
Now For me too. When I press a KB shortcut, it (FF) tries to flash (for a micro second) the same tab number of the browser, as the shortcut key I pressed. E.g. If I pressed Ctrl+4 then 4th tab in the FF Browser will flash for a tiny second but nothing will happen. And if I press higher number (e.g. Ctrl+9 or 0), then nothing visibly happens.