Finally Solved: Ubuntu Linux Error on Windows 11 or Win10

Finally I found the solution to this Ubuntu/Bash error on Win11/Windows 10 or 11

  • When I tried to install Wsl 2.0 and Ubuntu’s diff versions on my PC, the Ubuntu installation/configuration screen continued to give this error:
    “an error occurred mounting one of your file systems. please run ‘dmesg’ for more details.”
    I tried many reboots, installations, uninstallations, but it didn’t work. Also, running ‘dmesg’ gave so long output and so many error msgs, that it was useless to me.

  • Google produced a few results, but they were mainly woes only. Users who’re in the same boat as I was, with the bank no where in sight.

  • My PC was HP 8100 Elite Tower PC, with Windows 11 build 22000.434 on it.
    I didn’t have any special windows configurations, no encrypted drives, nothing. Just 3 normal Ntfs partitions. Initial/Required by windows, 1gb System drive was hidden stripped of any drive letter. Also my motherboard doesn’t have any special settings, nor does it offer to configure any Intel Hyper threading related capabilities.

  • When problem was there, then Windows System info by running msinfo32.exe showed these:

  • And when everything worked ok, this system info showed like this:

  • Without going into what other google solutions I tried, I’d like to go to the solution I found, straightway: As far as I think, my problem was resolved when I uninstalled this window component/feature from the control panel: ‘Windows Hypervisor Platform’. Even without a reboot, my Ubuntu installations (all the 3 versions I tried) started to work ok. [I’m afraid though, if reboot could pose any new problem!! I’ll report if there was any new problem after a restart here]

  • This is the list of installed windows components, when my bash/ubuntu started to work ok:

  • Though I’d recommend to uninstall and install your Ubuntu apps once, after you uninstall this Hypervisor Platform.

  • Also perhaps, when running Ubuntu windows app the first time, perhaps we should/could run it as an admin.

  • Earlier I had these 4 things/windows components selected/installed: Windows Hypervisor Platform, Windows Power-shell 2.0, Windows Subsystem for Linux and also Hyper-V.

  • And/Although when even Hypervisor and Virtual Machine Platform both were unselected, then all last given 4-5 options (beginning with the word ‘virtual…’) of SysInfo showed ‘yes’, which though looked good, but didn’t work.

To install Ubuntu and all its windows steps with just one windows command, just run this single command in the command prompt or PowerShell: wsl --install. This command will enable the required optional components, download the latest Linux kernel, set WSL 2 as your default, and install a Linux distribution for you (Ubuntu by default, see below to change this) .

But, if you’ve already enabled the WSL/Linux Subsystem, then you’ll have to run wsl --install -d <DistroName> (to see the available distributions, you can run this command wsl --list --online. Told in this MS article.


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If anyone doesn’t want to read the full post given above, he can just read this: Uninstall ‘Windows Hypervisor Platform’ from Windows Control Panel> Add Remove Programs> Windows Features.

And that’s it.

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