How Google Maps discriminates?! Written about it in Google Community, but don't expect much

Less prominent business in my neighbourhood shows at zoom3, why not mine?

  • If the highest zoom level is ONE, then at Zoom3, some of my less known businesses show in the incognito window of latest Google Chrome, but not mine. I’m giving one neighbour’s example here, just for example, I’ve nothing against him, rather he is my friend. My business: BOBBY CYCLES, BATHINDA. Neighbours: KHAJURAHO PRINTING PRESS
  1. I’ve at least 10 times more reviews than him (my neighbour, not my competitor, whose business shows at zoom3).
  2. I’ve higher ranking on google my business than him.
  3. My business is verified, I’m not sure about him.
  4. I’ve hundreds of my business exterior, interior, photos, he has almost none.
  5. My shop is located in a broader road segment/market than his.
  6. I’m at IT person also, who can look after my listing better than him. He is a normal non-expert type of person.
  7. I’ve contributed tens of very very popular listings on Google maps, he has perhaps none. I’ve tens of successful editings also on google maps, he none.

What could be the reason here? Where am I going wrong?

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