How to make your Oppo F17 Pro to record calls natively. Create dual/clone apps

Note the below given solution stopped working on Android V12 and Color Os V12.1 Alas!!!
It worked ok on/up to Color OS V11.

I bought Oppo F17 Pro model and was very very happy with all of its functions. Very very indeed.

I won’t go into detail what features and functions I look into a mobile when going to buy a one.

But it lacked these 3 features which I need very much.

  • One was infrared blaster (infrared remote control), for which there is no way/compensation, because it is a hardware feature.

  • 2nd is, dual app cloning, which allows the user to keep 2 different versions of the same app. E.g. I want to be logged into facebook accounts at the same time (not one logged in at any one time), or more importantly, I want to use mobile banking of my wife’s account as well as mine, both of which are in same bank. This feature is limited in this Oppo F17 Pro. I.e. it only allows 2-3 main main apps to be cloned/dual-apped. Mostly these are whatsapp and facebook. So somewhat by pass/work around is to use Super Clone or 2 Accounts. But later I found the best solution: Shelter! Just google “Shelter” for android. Shelter uss, in the back ground, Google’s different profiles solution: Personal Profile and Work Profile. You can keep different apps in both profiles. Without shelter I couldn’t find a way to use 2 diff profiles in my android mobile.

  • And 3rd is the one which I can’t do without, is call recording. I just want to have the records of my calls. Most of the time just because my memory fails me. Even true caller and cube recorders, and acr etc, all recorded my voice but not the other party’s. I even shot emails to them. (reply awaited as of now).

So, I was mad. Because I wanted this mobile but can’t do without call recording on mobile. So I spent whole night installing different apps and then changing their settings and then uninstalling the same.

Day broke and I decided to call Oppo Toll Free number. After a few attempts they picked and sent me the Oppo Dialer named OPlus (dialer), I uploaded that same for you in my GDrive here, which perhaps could be found on google also.

But wait. After Installing the OPlus Dialer, You also need to do the following.
You need to go into Settings> app management> Default Apps> change ‘Caller ID & Spam App’ to Phone (blue color icon) and default ‘Phone app’ to ‘Contacts’ (green color icon).

And suddenly, all the recording options appeared in the OPlus dialer. Nice and smooth.
See the Oppo dialler/dialer after recording options appeared there:

Very very good. Note that I still wasn’t able to disable or uninstalled the Google Dialer, which comes with the mobile.

Thanks. Love you.

#oppo f9 pro call recording

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The clone/dual app problems of Oppo F17 Pro also seem to have been solved up to 98% of the extent. And solution is very very very easy, and 99.9% free ware. No ADs at all. Uses underlying default android/builtin functionality, which otherwise perhaps is not easily accessible (at least I couldn’t find the way to access that functionality without Shelter app).

Just install ‘Shelter’ app from Play Store and it’ll create another/work profile in your android backend (Shelter app is just a way to activate that work profile, because once this work profile apps are activated, you can even uninstall shelter after that and still the work profiled apps can be found in your app drawer).

If you lose the cloned apps shortcuts, use the ‘drawer’ setting for your apps, rather than ‘standard’. And there you will find the work apps, which can then have their own shortcuts on the mobile desktop/home screen as well.

  • And importantly, this app is free of any ADs/is almost freeware.
  • Even google play store and google Pay and Paytm were cloned successfully.
  • But, even though the work space/profile provides ‘Secure Environment’, yet the one thing it couldn’t do was auto read the OTPs. And just because of this feature, Bob bank’s Bob World app didn’t work. Because it didn’t allow the manual inputting of the OTP. Alas!!
  • Otherwise its a very very good app, acc to me.


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I’ve just come to know that thru this shelter android app, we can register/enroll two different sets of finger prints and face-unlocks.

Just go to Android/Device Settings >> Security >> Use One Lock. There it’ll let you set/decide whether you want one/same face or finger print to open the apps for personal profile as well as work profile or separate?