I want to Purchase Original Desi Cow Ghee .. Can you please recommend from where i can buy ?

I want to Purchase Original Desi Cow Ghee … Can you please recommend from where i can buy ?

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अमित जी, मैंने पहले भी एक दिन (शायद किसी और यूजर को) बताया था की हम 2 डायरी का घी use करते हैं।

एक तो कलकत्ता स्ट्रीट में देस डायरी है।
और दूसरी राकेश डायरी, पार्क के सामने, स्ट्रीट नंबर 4, नई बस्ती , से।

दोनों डायरी से हम बिल्कुल संतुष्ट हैं।

इसके इलावा, अपने 2 ग्रुप मेम्बर भी हैं, जो दावा करते हैं की एक बार उनसे देसी घी लेकर देखें, अगर मिलावटी निकले, या लगे तो सारे ग्रुप को बता दें चाहे।

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Bobby ji mere do/teen questions aur hai …
1.aap Cow ghee hi le rhe hai waha se ??
2. Kya Rate par mil rha ?
3. Kya Verka / Patanjali brand se jyada kis cheez me better laga ?

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No cow ghee.
For cow ghee we take mother diary packed milk and extract ghee from this sometimes. And other times, we used Govardhan (or Patanjali) Cow ghee.

We believe Patanjali more but taste Verka better.

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Ok thanks Bobby ji … As i need Cow Ghee . i will try Patanjali first but I’m a bit sceptical as some reports are coming against Patanjali that they are mixing Goat and Buffalo ghee into Cow’s ghee.

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I believe Patanjali fully. My family believes.

But you know, there will always be people who will spread rumours, for their own selfishness, or for their ignorance.
But the other part is that sometimes, just 1 out of 10 times, these rumours are actual truth.
But we believe that this Patanjali case is not 1 out of 10. It falls in the 9 out of 10 times side.
And I personally believe in Baba Ramdev 100%.
There will always be people who don’t want him and his company to succeed.

And last,
I do agree that they get things manufactured from outer sources. But quality standard is of Ramdev only.

Rest is your own wish and experience.

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