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Daycare start krne k liye kahi pr registration krane ki need h kya … Pls tell me full rules… Thnx

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No rules are needed.
You just can start your business any time.

When, your business will grow big, and you’ll be earning more than 1-2 lacs, then you’ll need to start filing income tax return.

And if you happen to engage many employees, then you’ll need to file not only your own income tax but their epf also. For that, you’ll have to take EPF number also.

And if you think that some employee of yours may stand against you some time in future, then you’ll have to take a number from labour office as well.

And if you think that the property you’re running your business from may be challenged by the neighbours, then you’ll have to take a small shop license from Municipal Corporation, Bathinda.

Other than that, if you want to conduct exams and distribute some certificates also, then that is up to you whose certification do you want to give and have alignment with.

But all those points won’t bother you in the first or first-few years.

Good luck in your endeavor.


Really Thnx … Aapne sbhi swaalo ka jvaab de diya mujhe … Really Thnx a lot.

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Yeah Sure Sir

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