Newest Covid Restrictions from 15 Jan, 2022 in Bathinda, Punjab

15/1/2022 से बठिंडा (पूरे पंजाब में) नीचे दी हुई रीस्ट्रिक्शन लगा दी गई हैं। लेकिन यह बदल सकतीं हैं/बदलती रहेंगी।

  • All those adult persons who have not yet taken both the doses of COVID vaccination should remain at their residences and should not visit any of the Public Places/Market/function/Public Transport/Religious Places etc.
  • In all Government/Board/Corporation offices located in Chandigarh and in whole state. Public places with large gatherings like Sabzi Mandi, Grain Markets, Public Transport, Parks religious places Malls, shopping complexes, Haats, Local Market, Hotels, Bars, Restaurants, Mall, Shopping Complexes, Cinema Halls, Gym and Fitness Centers, Both Private and Government Sector Banks and other similar places only fully vaccinated (second Dose) adult persons or those who are not due for second dose as per health protocol are to be allowed.
  • Following means may be considered for verifying the vaccination status (in case of COVISHEID beneficiary will be eligible for second dose after 84 days from first dose and in case of COVAXIN, beneficiary will be eligible for second dose after 28 days from first dose): Downloaded certificates of 2nd dose (Hard/ Soft Copies). 1st dose certificate to check if 2nd dose is due or not.
  • Arogya setu app to check vaccination status.
  • Vaccination teams where and whenever demanded by office in charges for on the spot vaccination or for regular vaccination camps at places of gathering would be provided by the Department of Health and Family Welfare.
  • Gatherings shall be restricted to not more than 50 persons indoors and 100 persons outdoors subject to an upper limit of 50% of the capacity. These gatherings will be subject to compliance of COVID appropriate behavior.

शॉर्ट में, केवल वैक्सीन का स्केजूल पूरा करने वाले ही भीड़ भाड़ या पब्लिक प्लेसस में जा सकते हैं। जिनको दोनों डोस लग चुकी हैं, या जिनकी सेकंड डॉस अभी ड्यू नहीं हुई है।
और गैदरिंग 50-100 से अधिक नहीं हो सकती।

असली फाइल नीचे/साथ में अटैच्ड है।
COVID restrictions 16.01.2022 to 25.01.2022.pdf (463.5 KB)