Tally Erp9 problem of cost center missing in purchase voucher solved


As you know, tally ERP9 up to Rel 6.xxx has one very problematic issue, i.e. you cannot assign any cost center in Purchase Vouchers when using Invoice mode. Though you can use the same in Voucher mode or you can use it in ‘sales invoice in invoice mode only’. But not in Purchase Vouchers in invoice mode.

For this, you’ve to pay in one way or other. Either for some payable TDL addon or upgrade to Tally Prime. But I’m giving you this free TDL which will allow you to have this issue sorted. Just download this TDL and add it to your tally (Gateway> Alt+Ctrl+T> F4> Yes> Give path to the location where you downloaded this tdl, that’s all).

Enjoy this Tally Erp TDL Add-on which will allow you to use Cost Centers in Purchase Invoice in invoice Mode:

CCAllocinPurhaseVch.tdl (881 Bytes)


Why Tally has not provided capability to use Cost centre in Purchase Invoice mode ?

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You can call it a bug (tally calls it “an issue already in notice”), that has been corrected by Tally in later releases, perhaps not before than Tally Prime.

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