The Cycle Shop owner being interviewed by Bol Bani Channel

The Cycle Shop is only cycle store in Bathinda with fixed, no-nonsense cycle rates

While its famously said that cycle shops are the best places to bargain for. But no more. In Bathinda, the founder admin of Bathinda Helper group, Bobby Zopfan, has started a new, fixed and honest rated bicycle shop in the heart of Bathinda city, near gole diggi.

Even one famous online channel named, Bol Baani, discovered him and took his interview, which can be watched on youtube here:

Stay tuned.
They are not only voted by the highest number of customers in Bathinda city (of all the cycle shops in the area), but also ranked highest: 4.9 on Google.
Just search google, or visit their site directly:
You’ll find their address and much more.
Their number is: 94 7878 4000


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