The websites which look like government's authentic websites, but aren't. Be Wise or fall in.

List of Non-Government Cheat Web Sites, which have been designed to look like government’s. Once you pay them anything, your money is gone forever. There are parallel govt sits also, which are (almost free and authentic). One of the most basic thing and easy to check is that most, if not all, government sites have the TLD ‘’ (that is, their domain name ends with ‘’ and not in ‘.org’ or ‘.com’. : This site demands Rs 1500 to Rs 2500 for Udyam/Udhyog Registration. Even when the parallel government site, gives the same option as ‘Free’. But the problem is that government sites offer behave erratically (don’t send OTPs etc on time) and thus the person goes to google and google, as it does, throws other results also. And in the end, many customers happen to fall into the lap of non-standard, non-authentic, costly sites. Costly is also ok, but sometimes they even take money and still don’t do anything. Even don’t return your calls also.

So, be wise, and at least check the website name extension of the site you’re visiting or are planning to make a payment.

I’ll keep adding more websites to this lest, as and when I come to know of any.