Today (Sunday) joggers park experience

Early morning Bathinda joggers park experience

Very glad to see Bathinda people being enthusiastic towards their good health. Being a small town , during morning walk in joggers park,we can easily see the renowned persons of the city exercising here at the joggers park like reporters,politicians, social activists etc.

But during my intermittent visit at joggers park, I noticed most of the people are carrying their own bluetooth speakers & playing loud music early morning specially youngsters. It’s their
choice but it seems somewhere descipline is being violated by this act .

We can see the eyes of youngsters wondering just to compensate the lockdown of Ajit road institutes area. Huge crowd is there just to compensate the Ajit Road Gedi route . Somewhere the era at joggers park is like (Bathinda Basant Panchami). All are playing their own track loudly. Even they themself can’t listen their own played music in this haggle atmosphere. I’m not against this type of liberation but somewhere our natives are a little lenient or happy go lucky type in this regard.

I wonder , how some groups are making noise… & all the renowned persons of the city are just ignoring all this stuff .

There is a dedicated cycle track for the cyclist but some of the cyclists are parking their cycles at the jogging area. There is no one to control this type of stuff here.

Two temperory badminton courts are made near jogging area. Players are playing badminton there. I don’t think these courts are made by administration. Seems these courts are made by the players with their mutual decision.

Apart from that Rose Garden parking remains closed during Sundays… Don’t know the exact reason of this decision of administration. Just because of closed parking of Rose Garden, people start parking their vehicles on the road side just near by joggers park entry.

These are just my views. I would appreciate if someone wanna add something if I’m wrong somewhere.

Abhishek Grover


बहुत ही अच्छी बातें लिखीं आपने।

इसका थोड़ा सा हल यही सूझता है की यदि हमें गलत लगता है तो जो रूटीन में जाने वाले हैं उनको तो हमसे भी ज़्यादा बुरा लगता होगा। तो हमें यही उम्मीद करनी चाहिए की जो हुमसे अधिक रूटीन में जाते हैं, हम उनको धीरे धीरे अपने साथ मिला कर आवाज उठाने के लिए प्रेरित करें।


Yes… Joggers park is very good place for the exercise… but just because of some people… Wahan ka atmosphere kharab ho raha hai…

I’m sure daily going joggers thode se preshan jaroor ho rahe hein in cheezon se…