अवनीत कौर जी ने जब अपने ग्रुप में यह पोस्ट लिखी तो क्या हुआ?

कल अपने fb ग्रुप में अवनीत कौर ने होम मैड की रेकुइरेमेंट लिखी.
उस पर गुरविंदर जी ने थोडा सा ऐतराज़ कह लीजिये या जानकारी कह लीजिये कर दिया.

फिर आज उनकी थोड़े गुस्से में यह पोस्ट आई है:

I posted a requirement of maid of age 14-15 years.for the kind information of those who said i should be jailed or that’s a punishable offense. Here are the laws for hiring children above 14 years.

Adolescents – 14 to 18 Years of Age
The Child Labour (Prevention and Regulation) Amendment Act allows adolescents to work in non-hazardous occupations and processes. If an adolescent is employed, the following conditions must be satisfied by the employer:

The period of work on each day should be fixed in a manner that no period or work would exceed three hours.
The adolescent must have an interval for rest for atleast one hour after working for three hours.
The total time spent working by an adolescent cannot exceed 8 hours in a day, including the time spent in waiting for work.
Adolescents cannot be employed during the hours of 7PM to 8AM.
Adolescents cannot be made to work overtime.
Adolescents cannot work in more than one establishment, at anytime.
Adolescents must be provided in every week, a holiday of one whole day.


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मैडम आपको तो बहुत ही अच्छी जानकारी है :thinking::thinking::thinking:


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