Udaipur (Rajasthan) to Bathinda Train/Bus Travel options

उदैपुर से बठिंडा तक आने की ऑप्शनस (AC Bus/Train Fare comes to Rs 1500 approx)

Udaipur to Abu Road to Bathinda

First Udz to Abr Bus travel: 4 hours. Then…
09415: 0015 to 1750 hrs (only Monday)
09207: 1340 to 0515 (Only Sunday)
09221: 1445 to 0730 (daily)
Total Travel time: 4+17 Hours (but 09207 takes 4+15.5 Hours)

उदयपुर से जयपुर से बठिंडा (Journey can start from Udz only on Sunday evening)

09666: Udaipur to Jaipur 2210 to 0535 (all weekdays)
09415: Jaipur to Bathinda 0725 to 1705 (only Monday)
Total travel time: 20 Hours.

उदयपुर से अजमेर से बठिंडा (Journey can start from Udz only on Sunday evening)

09666: Udz to Aii (Ajmer): 2210 to 0330 (all days)
09415: Ajmer to Bathinda 0510 to 1705 (only Monday)
Total Travel Time: 19 Hours.

Udaipur to Phulera Jn to Bathinda (Journey can start from Udz only on Sunday evening)

09666: Udz to Phulera: 2210 to 0443 hrs (daily)
09415: Phulera to Bti: 0622 to 1705 hrs (only Monday)
Total Travel: 19 Hours.

Udaipur to Mathura to Bathinda (only 3 days a week: M, T, F)

02964: Udz to Mathura: 0640 to 0435. Then 0727 to 1656 hrs (only Monday, Tuesday, Friday)
Total Travel: 22 Hours. Unlike Delhi, you don’t have to change local stations in this route.

Udaipur To Delhi To Bathinda (catch any train from Udz to Delhi):

02994: Udz to Delhi Sarai Rohilla: 1700 to 0505 (all days).
02964: Udz to Delhi Nizamuddin: 1840 to 0710 (all days)
Then Delhi to Bathinda
02439: New Delhi Station to Bathinda: 1025 to 1656 hrs (Only Monday). Or
02485: New Delhi Station to Bathinda: 1025 to 1650 hrs (only Tuesday and Friday)
1300 hrs to 2038 hrs many trains, all days of week.
Total Travel time: 22 or 26 Hours

Udaipur to Rewari to Bathinda:

No train connections are suitable. Nor from Bathinda to Rewari to Udaipur has suitable train timing connectivity.

Udaipur to Hanumangarh to Bathinda bus service

Udz to Hanumangarh 2000 hrs to 0700 hrs. Then from Hanumangarh to Bti 0900 to 11300 hrs.
Udz to Jaipur Bus services to be enquired. JP to Bti only 2 trains available: 0725-1705 and 2010 to 0550 hrs, that too, each train, only once a week.

By Air: (Total fare from Udz to Delhi by air and then by train comes to 5000)

Udz to Delhi: 1630 to 1740 direct flight. Fare 3400
Then Delhi to Bathinda:

Udaipur to Amritsar fare is between 7 to 11000. Many Flights are available:
Shortest Possible is via delhi, one flight only that takes 5.30 hours. 1520 udz to 2045 Amritsar. Fare 9400.

Better option would be Udz to Delhi by air and then by train. Air Fare starts 4400. Many flights are available, via jaipur and and direct/non-stop. And then from Delhi to Bti many trains are available AC3 fare is between 700 to 900. Train travel time is 5 to 6 hours.

Udz to Chandigarh: No Flights available.

बठिंडा से उदयपुर ऑप्शनस

Bathinda to Jaipur via bus

AC Sleeper Coach (perhaps starts from Veer Colony): 2030 to 0530 Jaipur. Fare Sleeper on Ground Floor Rs 800 and on 1st Floor Rs 700.
Then Mail train from JP to Udz (Udaipur) train: 0615 to 1330 hrs (All days)
Total Travel time: 17 Hours.

The same bus starts from Jaipur to Bathinda at 0830 from Jaipur. But for that we’ve to catch the same 2210 train from Udaipur to Jaipur. And if Jaipur to Bathinda train is not available for any reason, then this bus can be caught.

Bti to Jp to Udz

09416: 0100 to 1120 hrs. Fare approx 870. Only Wednesday early morning from Bathinda. Then
02992: 1400 to 2135 hrs. Fare approx Rs 700 (Chair Car/AC3). Runs Daily.

Bti to JP another train, that runs at 2140 hrs from Bathinda (only Thursday) reaches 0630 JP, doesn’t have any good connection further.

Bti to Ajmer to Udz

09416: 0100 to 1335 hrs (Only wednesday). Then from Ajmer to Udz 1610 to 2135 hrs.
09612, only Thursday, 2140 to 0910, doesn’t have any good connection to Udz until 1610-2135 hrs.
Total fare in this route is 1000+550 (AC3 or CC)

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