Best Things I've Learned in the past (from books or other)

  1. Don’t waste you major time on minor time things. Minor Time Things: Thinking/listing about prospects. Keeping/Searching books on the target. Evaluating prospects. Going to the prospects.
    Major Time Things: In the presence of the prospect.
  2. You can’t learn something, because you’re not good at it by birth. You may not be good at it by birth, but practice and learning may make you better than those who were good by birth, but since they didn’t practice their quality, they were left behind of you. Keep (trying) learning. And moreover, there are some traits/things which demand in built quality more and there are some things, which just require the knowledge and training and good execution of something. There is no roll of by birth gifts. Digital Marketing is one of them.
  3. Learn from the best. Who’re not just theoretical. But who are in practice.
  4. Expect the same from others as you’d give to others. I.e. expect the same behaviour as you’d have while making purchases.
  5. If you chase two rabbits at once, you’ll catch neither.
  6. Do something which normal people aren’t doing. People will follow you, read you, watch you, when you’ve done/you’re doing something which is not normal, everyday. Create a challenge for yourself. Provoke a strong emotion.
  7. List the skills/services you often pay for in your daily life. Car mechanic, gym trainer, washer-man etc.
  8. List the skills that you’ve got. Remember there is no person on this earth, who thinks of succeeding and yet has no skill at all. Remember, don’t filter your ideas in the beginning, just jot down all of those that come to your mind.
  9. Ask your friends, what you’re good at. Often, we ourselves don’t recognize our true strengths, but our acquaintances and friends often complement us on some of our traits, which we sometimes ignore or forget.
  10. If you want to find your passion, then think about what you love to do, when you’re alone and free? What type of books you read? Are you good at watching so many movies that may be you could think of sub-titling them? Collect some 15 to 20 such ideas that you’re good at or somewhat better than others around you (remember, you don’t have to be best at those traits, just better than those around you).



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